April 21, 2017

Cultural Tours in Rwanda Musanze

The Cultural Tours

The overview of cave tourism is also going to have a considerable effect on the lives of the people living in the area. The main reason it will have a big effect since with the promotion of tourism, there comes the restoration of money into the local sector. Ecotourism is on the front of Rwanda development and will also increase the economic situation of the people who live around the caves, When the tourists come, the locals will gather together so that to be able to sell their products. This also means that there will be increased monetary means, for those who run their own business.

The local people in Musanze also experience

  • Introduction to banana beer brewing
  • Painting
  • Making of Agaseke
  • Introduction to the agriculture and honey production
  • Hunting like the locals did in the past times
  • Visiting the local homes.


We also start the visit with the banana beer production, banana plant which is also Rwanda’s vital crop with variety of uses and symbolic as the celebration in many homes. One of its importance is making the banana beer or as the local people call it “Ugwagwa”, this banana beer production also takes many days to complete but you also get to learn how it’s produced to become beer.

You will as well learn the culture of bananas and its importance in Rwanda. You will also visit the local village and then learn how the hives are made traditionally, using the mixture of banana leaves, cow dung and the woven reeds. You can as well sample nice tasty honey from the comb and also buy some of it and take home.

You will later visit our workshop and then learn about painting, how the locals used the traditional materials from cow dung, soil and plants to create art work and to the modern way of using paint brushes and the made paint. You will also meet the local women who will show you how to make pottery from the soil, see the many different pot designs and may be buy some.

Also as part of Rwanda culture, long time ago, the locals also used to hunt and collect in the bush and their tools of trade were the bows and arrows. You also get to learn how to make one of them and also buy some of these. There are also women hand crafts, the agaseke baskets, which are typical for Rwanda and Eastern Africa. You will get chance to sit down and learn how to make a basket by yourself. The real basket weaving is so fun and the ladies will be happy to teach you the basics of this kind of crafts. You will truly adventure the rural environment in Musanze and to submerge yourself into the local life and the activities, we also offer a package of one day and one night in our center.