April 21, 2017

How to get to Musanze Caves

In order to get to Musanze caves from town, you follow the road named 5 Juliet Avenue, past the hotel Muhabura towards Rubavu. It’s just short of 2km from the town center, you will then see the large steel center pots Oprovia Musanze to your left. In case you turn right, just direct opposite this building, follow a curved dirt track that after 120m will lead you to a football field and the school. The caves also lay in a ditch on the opposite side of the football field. These caves are an official tourist attraction with the proper and formal entrances and the entrance fees. For those who want to visit the caves, please go to your nearest offices of RDB for more tourism information services. When you are here, you will get more information about Musanze. And when you reach the caves, you will see the tour guides, these will give you the full history of Musanze and its caves.

The caves can be toured at any time of the day, rather in the afternoons after your gorilla trek, and you will be taken though this fantastic attraction by the professional and friendly tour guides, the entrance fees to Musanze caves is $ 55 per person and includes the transport costs to the site and the tips to the guides. The tourists that are interested in visiting these caves can book with the Rwanda Development Board in advance to be able to participate.

Apart from the caves, the other attractions and activities in Musanze also include; Buhanga Eco-park which is for the coronation of former kings of Rwanda, the famous twin lakes of Bulera and Ruhono, bisoke volcano for hiking and climbing, trekking to Dian fossey grave, Karisimbi volcano hiking and visiting the golden monkeys and the famous mountain gorilla trekking.

Rwanda Development Board had also developed the cave for example there are footpaths, paved floors, concreted stairways and the trails in the caves to allow the easy movement of the tourists. The most important thing about visiting these caves is putting off the lights while in the caves, this feeling of darkness in the caves which makes it memorable.

As you visit the caves, you will be asked to have the protective gears that are provided like the wearing of the helmet with the torches that will help light the caves since they are dark inside. You cover your mouth and nose in order to protect you from the droppings of the bats and also avoiding the infections from the bats, the gloves are to prevent you from touching the caves directly and the boots are to allow you move in the caves easily. In the musanze caves shows a home with many corridors and the rooms and therefore, the tourists are advised not to divert and move away from the path followed by the guides since chances of getting lost are so high.