April 21, 2017

Inside the caves

The inside walls of these caves show the rocks of the earth, roads that have been built in order to support tourism. Before tourism began occurring in the caves, these caves were not lit and would also be black as night. But now, after the promotion of tourism, the lights have been put in order to make these caves a safe environment for the tourists. As you walk into the caves, you will hear a slow flow of water that comes off of the cave walls. This water flows from the ceiling and makes its way onto the cave floor. Just inside the caves, there lives a colony of wild bats and these prefer to live in darkness and can only be see in places without light. The inside of Musanze caves are so cold and this means that the other animals will have difficult time to live in such conditions. There is also a rumor that it has leopards inside and this is impossible since there are too many people walking around. These leopards also prefer not to come into contact with the human beings and darkness.

This cave is so long, though we could only do a short stretch that took us an hour. There is no light inside and you have to used head light on the helmets almost all the time. This is good for you, though sharp light also disturbs the bats and makes they noise. So it’s great when you switch off all the lights inside and stand quietly, these bats also calm down and go silent. You can also feel them as they fly quite close to you.

And the last bit of the cave is also the most fantastic. The image at the top is also from at the end. On the persistence of my guide, I also made this short video about the whole place. He wanted me to have it so that I can share with my family and they convinced to come and visit Rwanda.