April 21, 2017

Outside the Musanze Caves

Just outside, their lives some beautiful trees and the vegetation that is found in cold climates. Out of the caves, you can also find other domesticated animals including the cats. These animals refuse to stay in the caves during the day, and they like to go there during the night time. Near the caves are the many swamps. Some people say that the vegetation is the same as that one in Volcanoes national park. These caves are enclosed by two secondary schools, a university as well as many houses.

The musanze caves are also named after the district where they are situated, the famous Musanze district. These are trails, the stone staircases and the railings, but there is no electric light. The visitors are well equipped with the rain coats, helmets, hand lamps and the gum boots. There are also the mandatory safety briefings that are given by the guides.

These are also lava caves with in the albertine Rift valley in the locality of Volcanoes National park. These 2km long caves are a natural place to visit on your safari in Northern Province.  We also glanced on a main cave with 10m high entrance and over 31 small entrances.


The Archaeological research though quarry confirmed many facts of the traditional Rwanda. These caves used to be traditional warfare refuse and many of the bodies were collected. The research was carried out between 2006 and 2007 , by a team that was led by John Gibin from the university College London,  and now Curator and the head of its Africa Department.